Your privacy is more important to us than for you!

In fact, we know that if we betray your trust, we lose any chance of having you as a customer. Nothing is more important to us.For this reason, we have given ourselves strict rules to always guarantee you:- We do not sell or share with external parties the personal information of our customers. In no case, at no price.    - We protect personal information with the best technologies. The most important databases are physically isolated from the outside.    - We use personal information only to execute orders and to offer the best possible service. Not for anything else.

Below are all the details of our privacy policies. If you need more information, please contact us.

Collection of personal information: collects information about its customers with three main tools:- The registration form and other forms (eg questionnaires, reviews and comments on products, etc.) that customers fill in spontaneously and explicitly. These data are in some cases necessary to execute orders, in others they are optional and serve to help us offer a more personalized service.-The "log" of online services, which record all the navigation on the site, automatically and transparently for the user. These data are collected both for security reasons and to offer targeted suggestions and proposals based on the interests of the customers.- Return data from emails and direct communications that we periodically send to registered customers.

Management of "cookies": uses a "cookie" without deadline to recognize customers when they enter the site and then be able to immediately propose a personalized experience.The "cookie" can be deleted following the normal procedure provided in the most recent browsers. However, we do not recommend cancellation, because it reduces our ability to serve you better.In addition to the "cookie" described above, can in some cases use other temporary "cookies" that allow better management of the user session (eg during the payment process).Disabling "cookies" in the browser, some features may be compromised, including the technical ability to accept customer orders.

Use of personal information:

Le informazioni personali che raccogliamo sono utilizzate principalmente per due scopi: eseguire i tuoi ordini di acquisto e proporti prodotti e servizi più in linea con le tue esigenze, i tuoi interessi e le tue aspettative.

Le nostre proposte personalizzate sono generate da calcoli statistici e matematici, che nel tempo vengono sempre più sofisticati e resi precisi.

Oltre a ciò, le comunicazioni che facciamo ai singoli clienti possono contenere delle proposte definite dai nostri dipendenti che si occupano di confezionare le offerte e di gestire il catalogo.

Complessivamente, l'aumento di informazioni nel tempo ci consente di migliorare il livello di servizio. Poichè questo avviene nel pieno rispetto della privacy e senza rischi per il cliente, visitare periodicamente e ricevere le nostre email è un modo gratuito e automatico di aiutarti a fare shopping meglio.

Sharing with third parties of personal data: does not share customer personal data with third parties, under any circumstances.More clearly, no one, abroad of, can know the data, behavior, preferences and other personal information. can, in some cases, transmit to the outside analyzes and aggregated data, which however do not allow a third party to go back to the individual customer. For example, we could tell someone that we have 20% of customers residing in Milan, but we will never provide individual names or addresses.

This policy guarantees you that the information about you will never be disseminated by outside.

Third-party advertising: accepts third-party advertising on the site, in different forms: banners, email campaigns, promotions, sponsorships, etc.

To the accept third-party advertising on the site, in different forms: banners, email campaigns, promotions, sponsorships, etc.ti, offers the possibility to optimize the investments also through the profiling of the customers. For example, a manufacturer of Consumables may decide to be visible only to those who have seen a particular product or navigate in a certain category.

Even in the case of advertising, never provides disaggregated or individual data, nor does it allow third parties to communicate directly with customers. Therefore, no advertiser has the possibility to go back to the individual, unless it is expressly foreseen by the campaign itself (for example, if the customer fills out an advertiser's questionnaire to participate in a competition). In this case, however, everything is very clearly indicated in the advertising page. If there are no visible indications, the data are not provided in any case to the advertiser.

The banners are provided directly or through Goggle: the latter has its own tracking system through "cookies", but the information collected is not returned to and is instead used, within the scope of its privacy policy , from Google itself.

Protection of personal information:

Proteggere i nostri clienti è il primo ingrediente del nostro successo.

For this reason, we invest in technologies and, above all, in people for Protecting our customers is the first ingredient of our success. together active and passive protection, constantly monitor anomalies, constantly update systems and prevent threats.

The most sensitive information is stored in dedicated systems, which are specifically protected and isolated from the outside, accessible only to authorized employees.

Access to personal information from customers:

Each customer can view and modify their personal data by logging in to 'your account' and following the instructions on the screen.

It is also possible to request the complete cancellation of the account, but this prevents then to place orders without a new registration.

Data collected from logs and emails, on the other hand, are not directly accessible to customers. They can not be canceled on request for technical and safety reasons: must be able to provide the competent authorities on request with the traces left by users. The customer can instead request not to have targeted proposals, by setting the preferences in 'your account' in the section "Management of the Newsletter".

It is also possible to request the complete cancellation of the account by writing to us. We remind you that the cancellation prevents you from making new orders unless you register again.

Processing of personal data:

Personal and sensitive data are processed in compliance with the Italian Privacy Law. Responsible is the sole administrator of Cartidea di Giancarlo Riccadona is an e-commerce site of Cartidea di Giancarlo Riccadona based in Italy and that has full access to site data in full compliance with the privacy policies listed above.